Inside out healthy body… forever or never habits



This week one of very favourite Health Professionals Chris Kresser released a podcast interview with an Australian dentist (Steven Lin). Chris and Steven talked about how your internal health affects your dental health, and also how your detail health issues could actually be signs that your internal health isn’t as great as you may think it is. Scary, and confronting conversation….

Now I won’t be uncovering all they went through during the interview, but I will share the link so you can go and listen yourself (trust me those two do a much better job than me). I am sharing this link, because I absolutely adore the work that Chris Kresser does, but also because that in that interview they talk about treating our body inside out. Ok I know there are many of us health professionals now advocating such a thing, BUT I found the dental health data and the association with our overall health mind-blowing! Seriously I felt like calling my mother and also my sister who now has a 5 yo adorable boy who can MASSIVELY benefit from that information.You know when you listen to something, or watch a documentary and constantly you feel like there are people out there who get you, and you may actually not be that crazy. That was me while listening to that podcast!

Let’s get to business – that podcast made me think, and write about a few things I believe are the biggest issues in our way of thinking about health (well at least what I see from chatting to people everyday about their health).

  1. Again it all starts and finishes with what we put in our mouth! Although there are many genetic pre dispositions we are born with, our lifestyle and specially our nutrition (or the lack of it) will in my opinion have the biggest affect in our overall health. I couldn’t help myself but associating all the nutrients and vitamins Chris and Steven spoke about which are essential and necessary for optimal dental and skeletal development with my very favourite food – bone broth! Essential minerals, water soluble vitamins and FAT soluble vitamins accompanied with fats – which modern diet, and “food’ items sold everywhere and consumed all the time lack in. There are many nutrient dense foods which provide high amounts of mineral, fat and water soluble vitamins as well, but remember broth heals our gut which will then allow us to absorb everything else we eat better (or in certain cases repair the damage we cause by eating kryptonite foods). So yes for the broth again =)
  2. Dieting for 30 days, 3 months or any specific amount of time may as well be a waist of time unless you are working on creating lifetime habits in that period of time. This is my opinion, if you start something that requires you to develop habits which you do not have interest in keeping for the rest of your life it is a waist of time. I am not expecting anyone (including myself) to be 24/7 thinking about what they eat and what is in their food. What I am suggesting is that when you want to introduce or remove something from your diet (create a new eating habit) to do it in a way which you can do it for the rest of your life, and sometimes it will start in a not so perfect way. For example if you like sweet food, instead of going cold turkey and “eliminating’ sugar (which to be honest I actually haven’t seen many doing it properly), instead why not eliminating processed sugar and or reducing sugar consumption? Introducing strategies such as swapping package and processed products you would be buying at the supermarket with fresh fruit, and with reputable brands which use FOOD (I meant you read the label and you actually know ALL ingredients that make that food). one of my favourite range is Brio Emporium #fatboy range. High fat low carbohydrate ice creams, smoothies and ice cream sandwiches (my favourite) made wiht real food, sweetened with xylitol and enriched with one of my favourite supplement the high grade MCT oil from Bulletproof brand (XCT). When I made the decision to not consume processed sugar as part of my everyday diet, I started consuming the fatboys (haha that could read soo wrong when you actually don’t know what I am talking about. Please click on this link to check some pictures from these foods). Guess what happened over Christmas period, I had one of my favourite deserts (caramel tart) and instead of wanting to eat the whole thing, I ate a piece and did not feel like having it anymore at all….. SOOOOO how much easier to make decisions when you choose to do something because you want, not because you ‘can’t’. To sum up this point, make it easier to say Yes!
  3. Just as important as any food you eat, supplements and vitamins can either be damaging your body for a short term reward, OR helping you achieve better health. A great example is to replace a chemical dense pre workout. I have taken those and since I am super sensitive to caffeine and stimulants I can definitely feel the difference in my performance (most of the times, when I am actually not shaking or anxious). the short term reward of getting fit and burning more calories in one single workout would be great, if it didn’t come with the sleepless nights, increased workload for my heart muscles AND probably another 100000 other health problems from damaging my gut health to ageing myself faster. If I am someone who wants help in achieving a specific result such as weight loss, there are companies that work with healthy and natural ingredient. I have mentioned bulletproof MCT oil is one I use, but there is an Australian brand which I recently started using supplements from. Following up what I was discussing in pre workout, they have a pre workout ATP AMV -p. Based on Omega oils, and essential oils (mint and pomegranate) this supplement will help you increase the amount of energy available for your workout AND also regarding you eat a low carbohydrate diet and or consume the supplement when in a fasting state it will help you burn fat as majority of fuel for that workout. In edition to that this supplest helps you nourish your body bu adding essential omega’s oils.

Anyway, I hope that helps and also that you do listen to the podcast. I sometimes realise how much I don’t know what I don’t know and get a little overwhelmed – so I totally get it if you end up feeling like this when reading or listening some of the information out there. One last tip, my strategy is to go back to point number 2 from this article and think how I can include what I just learned into my everyday life, and how my life will be better by doing it!

So I ask you to do the same after listening to the podcast and reading this blog. Thank you and get in touch if you want to share questions, or thoughts x.


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